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Following Hashtags with Phanpy

Being on a single-user instance, following hashtags is problematic since I only get posts from people I'm already following. I subscribe to a relay and that helps a little, but still feels incomplete, and I can't really add more until I deal with the limitations of my current hosting situation.

I have an alt account on a fairly large instance that I use to follow a few hashtags, and that works well enough, but if I want to interact with a post from my main account, I have to copy the link and search for the post in my instance. Doable but kind of a pain.

In the last week or so, I saw someone mention the web client Phanpy. It's a good-looking client and there's a lot I like about it, like how it groups boosted posts into carousels to set them apart from regular posts. I don't think I could switch to it full time because it doesn't have enough filtering options for me.

What I will use it for is following hashtags. It allows you to follow hashtags from other instances. And with a single click, it will pull the post into your instance so it can be liked, boosted, or replied to.

I now have it installed as a web app on both mobile and desktop and use it alongside my main client (the default Akkoma web app).